Microsoft Learning to Skate is a “biggest” game changer

Learning to skateboards, learn to crochet and learn to knit is the newest “bigger” game-changer in Microsoft’s massive portfolio of learning technologies, Microsoft Learning CEO Mike Smith says.

Smith, a Microsoft veteran and boardgame designer, made the comments at Microsoft’s annual Worldwide Partner Conference, where Microsoft announced it would be offering the new Learn to Skat product.

“We really believe this is the biggest game changers of this year,” Smith said at the event.

“Learning to skateboarding, learning to crochet … they’re the ones that are really going to really change the world.”

Microsoft will be selling Learn to Learn products through its Microsoft Learning portal, with the Learn to skate brand coming as an add-on for the free Xbox One, which comes with a Kinect sensor.

The Learn to crochet app, which Microsoft says will launch in October, will be free for people who already have the Kinect sensor and the app will also be free on the Xbox One.

The Kinect sensor allows the app to track users’ movements and actions and allows users to record a video of their own.

Microsoft said in its press release that the app “provides an unparalleled way to learn about how to make and crochet.”

The Learn To Skate app will feature an integrated shopping experience, with a shopping list, shopping history, shopping tips, and a tutorial video.

Users will be able to purchase products, including new patterns, with their Kinect sensor as well.

“It’s like having a personal assistant,” Smith told the audience at the Microsoft event.

The Learning app will be available on Xbox One in October and Microsoft’s Xbox app will debut with the Xbox 360 later in the year.

Microsoft’s Learning portal is a collection of games, quizzes, games, and apps, which are currently free on Xbox Live.

“You’re going to see this game-changing technology in your living room in a couple of years,” Smith predicted.

Microsoft Learning is expected to launch in December.

Microsoft is also expanding its Kinect sensor program to the Xbox gaming console, which will launch later this year.

In November, Microsoft also unveiled the new Learning app, an app that will allow people to learn more about video games, including “Learn to make” games, a “Learn To skateboard” game and a “learn to make a board game” app.

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