How to teach your kids to say ‘b****’ in English

The words are still coming back to haunt an Australian teacher who was caught by shock and humiliation when her students, aged six and seven, asked her to stop playing a game where they were asked to repeat the word “b****”.

The mother-of-two’s students were asked by their teacher, who was wearing a wig and carrying a cane, to say “b*****s” as they were being forced to repeat a word that many in the country now recognise as offensive.

But the teacher, from the remote South Island town of Yunga, has now spoken out in a blogpost to apologise and say that her pupils “felt like they were a bit of a bully”.

“It was quite humiliating to watch,” Ms Hui-Kyu said.

“When I told them ‘I’m sorry’, they had this look of disappointment on their face.

I was thinking ‘What are you saying to your kids?'”

Ms Hao-Tau said she was shocked when she was handed a plastic bag of sweets that she had handed out as a lesson, and when she opened it, her students began crying.

“I was in such shock and disbelief, I just sat there for a while,” Ms Fong said.

She was horrified to see that some of the kids were also wearing headbands to protect their ears from hearing the word.

“It wasn’t a normal day.

The children were crying and I was crying,” Ms Wai-Hsu said.

When the teacher realised what was happening, she called for the police and was immediately charged with disorderly behaviour.

The teacher said she had initially been warned by a teacher in the classroom that “b***s” were being used in a game, but she decided not to follow up with the lesson because she feared it would lead to the offending of the children.

“There was an issue with the word, which I was told was a derogatory term and that it was offensive to people in the community, which is what they were asking me to say.

I felt that the word was so offensive to the children, and I thought that they might be offended by it,” Ms Yungi said.

She was charged with causing a breach of the peace, which carries a maximum penalty of a $1000 fine.

“They didn’t even know that it wasn’t an English word, they just thought it was,” Ms Lai-Kung said.

The offending has been reported to police and the school has been contacted for comment.

The school’s principal, who is also a teacher, said she felt she had no choice but to report the matter to police.

One of the students, now in Year 12, told her parents she was “embarrassed and humiliated”.

“I felt that it had gone too far,” she said.

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