How to make the perfect blend of English and French

The NFL announced on Wednesday that it has joined forces with XLS Learning to make its players more fluent in the two languages.

The partnership marks the latest attempt to bring the two most widely spoken languages into synch, and could prove a boon for NFL players.

The league’s head of football operations and football operations executive vice president of football development, Rob Gronkowski, said the partnership will allow the league’s players to learn the two new languages in a way that is both accessible and fun.

“There are a lot of coaches who are not comfortable with the two different languages,” Gronkowski said.

“They may be playing in a different league.

They may not be playing with the same coaches.

The idea is to allow the players to come to a point where they can be comfortable with their language and they can do a little bit of research and understand what the other team is trying to communicate.”

The league will continue to teach its players the two foreign languages, which it has previously taught to players in the NFLPA.

However, Gronkowski emphasized that the league will not be using any new vocabulary to communicate in the new games.

Gronkowski said that while the league has “worked with our players in different ways in the past,” the league decided to move forward with its partnership with XLL.

I think it’s important that the NFL continue to work with our teams to help our players become more fluent and more prepared for the challenges they will face in this new world,” he said.

During the 2016 season, the NFL and XLL announced a partnership that allowed players to watch a pre-game highlight tape of a specific NFL player.

The NFL said that its new partnership with the XLL will allow fans to watch the highlight tape as the teams face off.

Earlier this week, the league announced it had reached a deal with Apple that will allow NFL players to use the NFL app to access their own game replays.

This week, NFL teams will be able to watch their own games live on the NFL Network, and some players will be permitted to watch replays on their own devices.

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