‘Macmillan’s ‘learning ally’ may be making its mark on the global refugee crisis

Learning ally is not a word you’d expect to find on a shelf in a bookstore.

But it’s one of the latest tools in the refugee crisis that’s making a significant impact in some countries.

Macmillans Learning Ally is a global learning tool designed to help people and their families to improve their reading and writing skills.

It’s not only helping refugees and refugees-owned businesses improve their skills, but it’s also helping refugees to build their social capital and gain self-confidence.

MacMillans Learning Allies are also aimed at helping the global economy.

Its main goal is to help businesses to stay open and attract new customers.

It was launched in March by the UN’s Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, which is responsible for the development of sustainable development solutions.

Macillans Learning Alliance helps refugees learn and improve their language skills, with the aim of helping them gain self confidence.

It also helps businesses to find new business partners and new customers, so that they can make a positive impact on the local economy.

“It is an investment in refugees’ capacity to gain self self-esteem, learn and adapt to their new life in a new country, and to develop self-respect and confidence in themselves,” said the UN agency.

Macmilans Learning allies has already helped more than 300,000 people in the Middle East and Africa and more than 30,000 refugees in Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon and Egypt.

It has also helped refugees who have been displaced in countries such as Syria, Iraq and Libya, as well as refugees in neighbouring countries.

According to the UN, refugees have already spent an estimated $10 billion (£6.6 billion) on learning aids and other learning aids since the initiative began in September.

The initiative has helped refugees get a sense of their identity and the meaning of life in their new countries, according to the agency.

The UN agency also said that the project has helped more refugees than ever before, with nearly 4,500 refugees and asylum seekers participating in the initiative since its launch.

Macdonalds Learning Alliance aims to help refugee businesses stay open, attract new clients and help refugees to gain confidence.

MacDonalds Learning Ally was founded in 2016 in partnership with UNICEF and the UNHCR.

MacDONALD’S Learning Ally has been developed by the International Federation of Small Businesses (IFSB), which aims to build “a better future for business, society and the world”.IFSB president and CEO Mark Gorman said that Macdonalds learning ally is a game changer for refugees, refugees-owners and businesses.

“The new platform brings together our global partners, helping them to reach new audiences and help them better understand and appreciate the new opportunities in their communities and economies,” he said.

The IFSB has launched MacDONALD’s Learning Ally to bring together refugees, business owners and refugees.

Its launch came as the UNHCR launched a project aimed at boosting refugees’ self-discipline and self-worth.

The program aims to encourage refugees to learn and integrate into their new communities and build a new sense of self, the UNHCR said.UNHCR said that refugees and displaced people in Jordan have been overwhelmed by the influx of refugees.

“Jordan is facing a crisis of unprecedented proportions,” UNHCR refugee coordinator Dr. Sarah Sze said.

“As the largest refugee population in the world, Jordan is at the forefront of the refugee challenge and is facing unprecedented challenges in terms of resources, employment and integration into the Jordanian economy.”

The agency has been assisting refugees since 2011 and is currently serving more than 4,700 people.

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