When it comes to learning spanish, you don’t need to be fluent in Spanish to understand it

When it came to learning Spanish, I was taught that if you just picked up the language, you could do it.

I wasn’t convinced.

When I was about 16, I took a Spanish course for a year, and I wasn�t quite fluent in it.

After three months, I decided to change that.

And the lesson I learned was a lesson in perseverance.

As a child, I didn�t know the difference between a verb, an adjective and an adverb.

And as a child of immigrants, I did not know the differences between the two worlds.

So I went out and did some reading, and the language I learned really impressed me.

I started going to language programs in Spain and, eventually, a few years later, I went back to my parents� house to start a language program there.

But then my parents decided they would just like to teach me some Spanish, and my dad said, �I will teach you how to speak Spanish, but I don�t want to teach you to read it, I just want you to learn how to read Spanish.� I was still learning English when I was 19.

So that was my first big step.

And that was it.

My Spanish teacher said, I know you can’t learn to speak it, but you can learn to read and write it.

And I learned to read in Spanish, to write in Spanish.

I have the ability to read, write and speak the Spanish language.

So my Spanish teacher taught me to read.

And she didn�ts need to teach it to me.

But I was really surprised at how well I did, because I had been taught in the classroom, I had read the textbook and I had memorized it.

So she had me learn to be able to read without knowing any words.

So when I went to university, I worked for a language school for a couple of years, and in the end I was able to go into language program.

And so that was the first time I got to learn Spanish.

When you get to university and you are on the English side of things, you can only be as fluent in English as the English teacher is.

So as a result, you have to take courses with English language instructors and read them.

But that is a very important skill for an immigrant who wants to learn to learn.

And then, in the early 1990s, a couple different things happened.

I had this really bad flu, so I had to go to hospital.

And, then, I got sicker.

And when I got in the hospital, my parents came up to me and they said, You know, you are a really smart person, but your flu is getting worse.

And they said you need to get up and learn Spanish because it will help you stay healthy.

And you know, I thought, That�s not going to happen to me, so why am I going to go back to school?

And then I got really sick, and then the doctor told me that I needed to go home and stay at home.

So the second thing happened was that I moved out of my parents house, and we moved into an apartment in a small city, so that I could study Spanish and I could write.

And by the time I was studying Spanish, my English teacher was able also to teach Spanish.

So, I think the third thing was when I started to feel really, really ill, my mother came up and I was in the ICU and she asked me, �Do you want to come home with me?

I have some work to do.

So we�re going to have to go out and do some work.� And I was very lucky that my mother was able.

So by the end of that year, I learned Spanish.

And it took me five years to master it, because my mother wasn�lt around to teach.

But she was very patient with me.

And after five years, I started getting good at it.

And then, when I moved back home to California, my dad went to a Spanish school and, after a couple years, he said, Well, I would like you to go learn Spanish for me.

So he taught me, and after about three years, we moved back to England.

And in the next year, he passed away, and he was gone.

And we moved to Australia.

And he taught English in his grave, and that was all I learned.

And for about six years I was the only one who could speak English.

And even when I finally started to understand English, it took a lot of effort, but after about 10 years, the flu finally got me to the point where I could understand it and speak it.

But you know what?

The flu is a disease, and you have no idea what you�re doing until it happens.

So you need the right combination of experience and practice to become fluent. And

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