Yoga of mind FOR TOTAL FITNESS Learn to practice

"To stay focused & perform to deliver results you need to stop the distractions of mind, develop self organizing powers in personality. To prepare yourself for bigger opportunities in life you need self education to improve your self- image & confidence in your abilities to perform in challenging situations. To win friends & earn trust of people you need to develop integrity in personality and learn to create harmony in life."

Mohan Ray

Invite us to conduct (6hours) institutional & corporate workshops on yoga of mind for

1. Students for: concentration, study skills, self education.

2. Professionals for: self organizing powers, performativity, Integrity in personality & harmony in life.

3. Individuals can ask for personal coaching, online programs.

Call now: 9815017977 / 9915755177


.“High commendation to Mr. Mohan Ray for meticulously conducting ‘YOGA OF MIND workshop in our campus. Staff and students were really appreciative about his crisp and clear instruction. I personally feel fascinated about the degree & depth of his knowledge and understanding of the subject”.

Mr.  Ashish Sarkar (Principal Bhartiya Vidya bhavan. (Hinganghat) Maharashtra.)